Taxsmith – Why Is E-Filing Your Return Better?

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January 31, 2013
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February 17, 2013

Taxsmith – Why Is E-Filing Your Return Better?

If you have never e-filed then this is the year to start! More than 80% of all taxpayers e-file their current year returns. Every year the IRS states that the percentage increases and more and more select to electronically file. Taxsmith has 4 of the best reasons why e-filing is the best option…

1. Safe & Secure: All e-file providers must meet strict guidelines to electronically file returns. All e-file providers also get confirmation normally within 24-48 hours that your return has either been accepted or rejected. Always confirm with your tax preparer 3-4 days after they tell you that your return has been e-filed to confirm that it was accepted. Many tax preparers will receive the rejection and will simply delete it as they have already received full payment from you for their services.

2. Faster Refund: The fastest way to receive a refund is to e-file and have your refund directly deposited. Your refund will usually be deposited within 21 days. Last year the average refund was $2,700.

3. Complete and Correct: By e-filing errors and omissions will be caught within the 24-48 hour window rather than weeks if you mail your return.

4. Balance Due: If you owe the IRS and can full pay you can make payment on the e-file system by debit or credit card or by transferring money from your bank account. If you cannot full pay the IRS the balance due then contact Taxsmith ASAP to set up a game plan for your balance due to avoid garnishments and levies.

Please contact Taxsmith and one our of tax professionals will help you with e-filing your 2012 Federal tax return and preparing any older tax years. Our direct number is 888-741-0272 FREE and email is