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Thank you for considering TaxSmith, LLC for your tax representation. Please fill out the Contact Request Form and a Tax Attorney/Paralegal will call you to discuss legal representation or to schedule your free initial consultation.Please note that one of the greatest advantages of working with an attorney at our firm is the benefit of attorney-client privilege. By its very nature, the attorney-client privilege affords a distinct and invaluable right to have communications protected from compelled disclosure to a third party.

Deciding which tax attorney to hire is one of your biggest decisions when it comes to successfully defending a case against the IRS or State. TaxSmith is confident that you will find that we have the experience and skills you want in defending you and your rights. After speaking with you we will analyze the totality of the circumstances of your case and will give you the strategy that we best believe will solve the problem and meet your goals.

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Tax problems can be quite a hassle and troublesome. In the US, when it comes to managing IRS tax problems, it could be rather burdensome and stressful when you are unable to manage these issues properly. For this reason hiring an IRS Tax attorney at TaxSmith, LLC could be the best possible solution to help you and your family to get out of your current tax debt problems. At TaxSmith, LLC, we have IRS Lawyers that specialize in tax laws and regulations and debt relief strategies that help you to solve all your tax issues related to the IRS, fraud, evasion and collection actions. Apart from these, there are various other reasons when you would also need an IRS attorney.

At TaxSmith, LLC our IRS tax attorneys are fully dedicated to resolve your current miserable tax debt problems. An IRS lawyer is a prime authority that is able to solve all IRS related problems; also in the case of tax relief, a tax relief attorney can help you in acquiring IRS tax relief. One great reason for hiring Tax attorneys from TaxSmith, LLC is our knowledge in dealing with the IRS and state collection issues. If you are also dealing with any IRS tax debt problems or any other tax related problems and need assistance, our attorneys are always happy to help you out. Please contact TaxSmith at 888-741-0272 FREE or at for a free consultation. You have NOTHING to loose but your tax debt with a free consultation.
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Victory and success is earned through identifying and negotiating key issues, not superficial posturing. TaxSmith's combination of focus, experience and effort consistently yields success in the tax world. When you need Attorneys who are consistently on point, hire the team that covers the ground best - TaxSmith!

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