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St Augustine State Tax Attorney

St Augustine State Tax Attorney

St Augustine State Tax Lawyer

Individuals and businesses in St. Augustine must comply with state and federal taxes, which include FICA taxes, state and federal unemployment taxes, corporate income taxes, and other obligations. It can be useful to find a St. Augustine state tax attorney who can ensure you are meeting Florida’s tax requirements.

Although Florida does not have an income tax for individuals, this does not remove all responsibility from individuals. In addition to sales taxes, payroll deductions, federal income taxes, and personal property taxes, there may be county-specific taxes that impact individuals.

When you understand the implications of tax law, you are less likely to face tax violations and penalties from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Tax law is complicated, however, and many companies and individuals find themselves with sudden financial stressors or complicated tax circumstances.

An attorney can help you with tax planning, help you successfully navigate tax audits, and determine tax solutions if you have back taxes or penalties. An attorney is essential to minimizing current and future liabilities.

St Augustine State Tax Attorney

TaxSmith, LLC: Your FL State Tax Attorneys

There are several issues that businesses and individuals may face when paying taxes. Tax law can be complicated, and small mistakes can result in penalties and excess liabilities. The worst thing you can do is try to ignore these penalties, as this will likely only make them increase. If you are dealing with tax liabilities or tax disputes with the state, a state tax attorney can help. Failure to pay taxes can result in civil or criminal penalties if no steps are taken.

The experienced attorneys at TaxSmith, LLC, can help you decide which steps are right for you or your business. We can determine if you qualify for any solutions to tax problems and negotiate for your interests. Even if you are not facing any penalties, our team can use our decades of experience to help you limit your liabilities and manage your taxes more efficiently.

We know that St. Augustine taxes and tax law are frequently frustrating. We want to help you navigate taxes with our support and care.

Common Tax Disputes in St. Augustine

There are several potential tax issues and disputes that can impact individual taxpayers and businesses. These include:

  • Tax penalties. There are many tax penalties that taxpayers can face, including penalties for late filing, underpayment based on estimation, failing to deposit on time, or paying with a dishonored check. Some of these penalties will continue occurring until the taxpayer’s balance is fully paid. A tax attorney can determine if there are alternate payment plans or penalty abatement options to lessen the debt you face.
  • Tax audits. Audits from the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue can result in disputes, including disputes over adjustments to tax payments. An attorney can help you and your business navigate an audit and assessment and determine if proposed changes are fair or should be disputed. Your attorney can help you prepare the necessary documentation before the audit to deal with disputes.
  • Tax liens and levies. If your tax debt has become significant and unaddressed, state or federal agencies may place liens on personal property, such as your home or vehicles. Agencies may also create levies to take bank accounts or wages to pay the debt. A tax attorney can help negotiate payment plans or relief options if appropriate. Tax attorneys may also be able to dispute liens and levies if they are not appropriate for the situation.
  • Tax fraud and evasion. When you are accused of tax fraud and evasion, you could face significant civil penalties and potential criminal charges. You may be accused of deliberately underreporting income, hiding assets, misclassifying employees, purposefully failing to pay income withholdings, and other actions. An attorney is necessary to help defend you during investigations and court proceedings.

A tax attorney can gather evidence, conduct their own investigation, and defend your interests during a tax dispute. They can also help you manage an effective tax plan, limiting the likelihood of future tax disputes.

FAQs About St Augustine, FL State Tax Laws

Can a Tax Attorney Negotiate with the IRS?

Yes, tax attorneys frequently negotiate with the IRS for their clients, and the IRS is willing to find a solution for taxpayers who are willing. When you work with a tax attorney, it can make managing taxpayer debt much easier, and you will have legal support advocating for your interests. An attorney will review your unique circumstances, determine the causes of penalties or back taxes, and determine what legal routes may be available to settle or limit your debt.

It can be incredibly stressful to talk with the IRS about your tax debt, but letting your debt accrue interest penalties will not help. Working with an attorney can make the process easier.

What Does a State and Local Tax Attorney Do?

A state and local tax attorney has in-depth knowledge of state, local, and federal tax laws and how these laws impact the individuals and businesses in the area. They can help both individuals and businesses manage their taxes, navigate audits, and defend against investigations or disputes. Tax attorneys are resources for individuals and businesses who have tax debt. They help their clients find the ideal option to limit liability and prevent financial strain in the future.

What Is the Tax Rate in St. Augustine, Florida?

The state sales tax rate is 6% in Florida. St. Johns County has a sales tax of .5%, and the city of St. Augustine has no sales tax. The combined sales tax in St. Augustine is 6.5%. The current St. John’s sales tax rate expires on December 31, 2025.

What Are the Tax Laws in Florida?

The Florida sales and use tax is 6%, with varying county and city sales taxes across the state. There is no state income tax on employees, and there is a 5.50% tax for corporate income. Florida has no state gift tax, inheritance tax, or intangible personal property taxes for items like stocks and bonds. Tangible personal property taxes vary based on the county or city and are decided locally.

TaxSmith, LLC Can Help With Your State Tax Planning and Disputes

A tax attorney from TaxSmith, LLC, can bring their extensive experience and knowledge when you want to manage or prevent a tax dispute. When you need help with your state taxes, contact our team.


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