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ST Augustine Unfiled Tax Returns Attorney

ST Augustine Unfiled Tax Returns Attorney

St Augustine Unfiled Tax Returns Lawyer

We all understand that we should file our taxes on time, but sometimes mistakes happen, or an illness or accident can put an individual behind. A St. Augustine unfiled tax returns attorney can help you file your returns, negotiate with the IRS, and get you back on track.

The experienced team at TaxSmith, LLC, can help you address how to pay back taxes and any penalties that have accrued from unfiled tax returns. We have vast experience helping people resolve their tax debt situation and can offer solutions for your unique case. We offer empathetic and reliable advice that you can trust.

St Augustine Unfiled Tax Returns Attorney

What Can a St Augustine, FL Unfiled Tax Returns Attorney Do For Their Clients?

Unfiled tax returns could be a serious issue, depending on how the situation is handled. Your strongest chance at minimizing the potential consequences and impact on you is by working with a St. Augustine unfiled tax returns attorney. There are practical solutions that can potentially be done to avoid or reduce the consequences that you face. An attorney can also ensure that your rights are observed and respected throughout the process.

The first part of the process of handling unfiled claims is for your attorney to take a close look at the unfiled claims. They will look at all of the details and what the total liabilities and potential consequences might be. From there, they can help prepare those returns and see that they are compliant with the relevant laws.

Any error on those returns is sure to compound the issues you face and only create more problems that you may have to deal with. Turning in accurate and complete returns can help you avoid some of those issues.

A lawyer can then assist with the process of voluntarily submitting unfiled returns and addressing the liabilities involved. While it can feel like you are telling on yourself by bringing the issue to the attention of the IRS, it can often be a better option than if you waited for the IRS to discover the issue themselves, which may be considered tax evasion.

What happens next will depend on a variety of factors, including the IRS response. The primary issue will be dealing with the payment that is owed. If you aren’t able to pay the entire penalty up front, then you may be looking to negotiate some kind of settlement or payment plan to deal with what is owed. An unfiled tax returns lawyer can represent you through every step of this process. They can negotiate on your behalf and try to arrange for a settlement that works for you.

There are likely penalties that have accrued as a consequence of not filing on time. These penalties, because of voluntarily addressing the situation, may be less than expected. There may be avenues to help with lowering the penalties. Your lawyer in St. Augustine, FL can make a case for you to have either a penalty abatement or reduction if your lawyer is able to show that the missed filings are the result of something beyond your control.

Your voluntary submission may help to avoid any issues with an audit or further scrutiny. In the case that you do experience an audit, then your lawyer can represent you and guide you through the process. Your St. Augustine unfiled tax returns attorney can also help you with future tax preparation, planning, and compliance so that you can avoid something similar happening in the future.

FAQs About ST Augustine, FL Unfiled Tax Returns Laws

Is it Against the Law to Not File Taxes?

In almost every situation where you earn income, it’s against the law to not file taxes. There are a few situations where certain characteristics may lead to an exemption based on age or income sources. However, it’s important not to rely on that possibility unless you are positive you belong to one of those categories that can claim an exemption.

The impact of not filing your taxes might depend on how the failure is perceived. If it is seen as an honest mistake, the IRS will likely limit the consequences to penalties and interest. If it is seen as an intentional evasion, then the impact could be fines or even more serious legal actions against you.

Can You Go to Jail for Not Filing Your Taxes?

It is possible to receive jail time as a consequence of having not filed your taxes. However, this is limited to the circumstances where your failure to pay has been determined to be an evasion of a tax payment. The IRS will bring charges and need to prove those charges in court.

When Are My Taxes Due in Florida?

Because Florida is a state without an income tax, you do not need to worry about any kind of deadline with the state because there is nothing to file. For Floridians, the only deadline that they need to focus on is April 15th for filing their taxes to the IRS and whenever any local or property taxes may be due.

Are There Any Reasons for Not Filing Taxes That Are Considered a Legitimate Excuse?

There are some things, such as trouble gathering proper documentation, serious illness, incapacitation, or some other hardship, that could be considered legitimate reasons for not filing taxes. While that might not mean that penalties are waived, it could mean not having the threat of tax evasion charges.

We Can Help You File Unfiled Tax Returns and Get Back on Track

For those with unfiled tax returns hanging over their head, it is often the mental anguish that can be a real burden. There’s the stress of always knowing they are there and need to be taken care of. There’s also the fear that the IRS will become aware of what’s happened and come after you with serious penalties. For peace of mind and to get your finances back on track, enlist the support of an unfiled tax returns lawyer.

At TaxSmith, LLC, we can help you prepare and file your taxes, as well as assist you in addressing any consequences of an unfiled tax return. Contact us for a consultation about your unique situation, and we can discuss your options about how we can help you with any of your tax needs or represent you in a claim.


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