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Jacksonville Tax Lien Lawyer

Jacksonville Tax Lien Lawyer

Jacksonville Tax Lien Attorney

Taxes are an inevitable part of life, and failing to pay them can lead to serious consequences. If you are unable to pay your taxes in full, it is important to do all that you can to protect yourself. If you ignore the situation, you could end up with a tax lien.

Tax liens allow the government to put a claim on your property. This can lead to further issues, including the loss of property and other assets. Fortunately, there are legal services available to you if you are in this situation. Hiring a tax attorney to help you with your situation ensures that you understand your options and can make informed decisions about your finances.

Our team of tax lawyers at TaxSmith, LLC, is here to help you with all your tax-related issues, including federal tax liens, tax levies, and more.

Jacksonville Tax Lien Lawyer

TaxSmith, LLC: Your Jacksonville Tax Lien Attorneys

The attorneys at TaxSmith, LLC, provide all our clients with reliable, honest legal advice for their tax issues. Although taxes may seem complicated, our team has years of experience in tax law. Our training in this field is unmatched in the Jacksonville area. You can trust our attorneys with any tax issue that may arise for your family.

We understand that asking for help with a tax issue may feel intimidating, but we approach every client with kindness and respect. You can trust our team to provide non-judgmental resources that can truly help your tax situation. We have a complete understanding of state and federal tax law and can offer reliable insight into your problem. With our help, you can choose a solution that works for you.

If you need a Jacksonville attorney for your tax lien or tax problem, look no further than TaxSmith, LLC.

What Is a Tax Lien?

If you have overdue taxes or other tax debts, the government will attempt to get you to pay. If their attempts are unsuccessful, they will notify you of a tax lien on your property.

A tax lien is a government claim to your property when you have tax debt. This claim is public information. Creditors, solicitors, and scammers will all know that you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As such, having a lien can prevent you from accessing your own equity and using or gaining credit. It may even hinder your ability to be hired for certain jobs.

While you have a tax lien, the government has a claim to all of your assets, including any assets that you acquire after you receive the lien notice. The next step after a tax lien is usually a tax levy. This is when the government actually moves to take your property from you to repay your tax debt.

Consequences of a Tax Lien

A tax lien is a claim on certain assets, but it lacks the force of a tax levy. Therefore, many people think that they can ignore it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are distinct consequences that come with a tax lien, and it is important to protect yourself.


In some situations, a tax lien may prevent you from getting certain jobs. In most scenarios, tax liens disqualify you from certain security clearances. These might be necessary for your current or potential future employment. To eliminate these barriers, you should resolve your tax lien as soon as possible.


If you own a business, your tax lien attaches to your business’s property and accounts receivable. This puts your business’s operations and profits at risk, as well as your personal property. Business owners especially need to resolve their liens as quickly as possible.


Since 2019, credit bureaus do not report tax liens directly. However, lien information is public, and many credit card companies, banks, and other lenders can see your tax lien information. If you have an active tax lien, it may hinder your ability to get credit.


When you have a tax lien, the government has a claim to all your assets. This means that you cannot buy or sell assets without IRS involvement. The IRS may take profits from any asset sales that you make while the lien is active.

Fortunately, you have different options to resolve your tax lien and move forward with your life.

Resolving a Tax Lien

Working to resolve your tax lien is the first step to restoring your full privileges and getting your life back to normal.

The most straightforward way to resolve a tax lien is to pay your tax debt in full. If you do this, the IRS will remove your tax lien within 30 days of your debt repayment. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for those who owe a lot of money or do not have the full amount at their disposal.

In some situations, a tax settlement is the most appropriate option. In these situations, the IRS agrees to accept a compromised amount for your tax debt. This way, they get at least some of what they are owed, and you can begin to actively pay your tax debt.

There may be additional options available to you based on your unique circumstances. It is important to work with a qualified tax attorney when you are resolving a tax lien.

Why Do I Need a Tax Lien Attorney?

Taxes are complicated, but tax liens are especially so. Not only do you need to decipher tax laws and your obligation to the IRS, but your assets are also simultaneously at risk. Tax liens leave little room for error, so it is important to take action with the help of a professional.

There may be solutions to your tax lien problem that you do not know about or have not considered. Having an attorney help with your tax lien problem ensures that you explore all your options before proceeding. This can result in a solution that truly works for you.

Finally, a tax attorney may be able to negotiate solutions with the IRS that would otherwise have been unavailable to you. Having an attorney can be a significant asset in your situation. They can provide opportunities that would not be possible if you tried to resolve your issue alone.

Beware of Scams

Tax lien information is public, which creates an opportunity for scams. Scammers may see that you owe money and attempt to defraud you of it. The IRS will never call you; they only communicate via mail. If you do receive a letter that appears to be from the IRS, it is important to have your attorney look at it. Scammers also use the mail to get personal information from their victims.

FAQs About Jacksonville, FL Tax Debt Law

How Do I Stop a Tax Lien in  Jacksonville, Florida?

The most straightforward and effective way to stop the entire tax lien process is by fully paying your tax debt. If this is not possible, a tax attorney may be able to negotiate a tax settlement with the IRS. In the latter scenario, you would still be obligated to pay some of your taxes, but the amount you owe would be reduced. The IRS may also offer a payment system to make the payments easier to manage.

How Do I Get Around a Tax Lien?

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the consequences of a tax lien if the IRS has placed one on your assets. All your assets may be affected, including assets associated with your business or company. Some aspects of your life may appear unchanged with a tax lien. However, there is always the risk that your assets will be seized by the government to pay your debt. You should pay your debt to eliminate the consequences of a tax lien.

How Do Tax Liens Work in Florida?

When you have either state or federal tax debt, the IRS will place a tax lien on your assets. This includes your home and overrides other liens on your home, including your mortgage. If you do not pay your tax debt, the tax collector will either sell the lien on your home or sell your home itself. After this, it is difficult, but not impossible, to get your home back.

Does Florida Allow Tax Lien Sales?

Yes. Tax collectors are permitted to sell tax liens at a public tax deed sale. The person who offers the lowest interest rate at this sale will be permitted to buy the lien. They can then move to collect your debt from you, plus interest on the amount owed. Fortunately, Florida allows a short period after a tax lien sale for the homeowner to settle their debt at the original amount.

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Navigating tax law is difficult, and many people are intimidated by the process. If you have a tax lien, it is important to know that you are not alone. With the help of a qualified tax lien attorney from TaxSmith, LLC, you can work to find a solution for your tax lien issue.

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