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Types of IRS Tax Penalties in Florida [2024 Updated]

The 2024 deadline for filing your tax return has come and gone. If you are a taxpayer who did not file on time or did not fully pay the amount you owed, you may face penalties as well as interest on those penalties. This can…

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Wage Garnishment in Florida (2024) – All You Need to Know

When you have unpaid state or federal taxes, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) may take several steps to reclaim the taxes owed. If you have not responded or negotiated an alternate plan with the IRS after being notified, the IRS may take actions like levies,…

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2024 How to Choose the Best Tax Preparation Attorney in Jacksonville, FL?

It’s crucial to find the right professional to help you prepare and file your taxes. When you work with a qualified tax preparation attorney, you receive tax and legal advice for your individual or business tax needs. If your attorney is not qualified, you could…

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Multi-State Tax Issues and Residency (2024)

Multi-state tax issues impact many taxpayers, including businesses, employees, and individuals. If you are someone who lives portions of the year in multiple states or moves around throughout the year, multi-state tax issues are especially relevant to you. Different states have different income taxes, property…

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What Is Florida Sales Tax & How Does It Work? 2024

A sales tax is applied to the final cost of certain goods and services and pays the state or local governmental body. As Florida doesn’t have a personal income tax, state and local income largely comes from sales taxes and property taxes. Sales taxes are…

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IRS Bank Account Levy Definition & Examples (2024)

When you fail to pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the agency has the authority to place a levy on a bank account, tax return, or other property. A levy is the legal seizure of these assets, and you have a short window of time…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Tax Lawyers (2024)

Tax law is often complicated and difficult for individuals to navigate. For many taxpayers, it is much easier to work with a Florida tax lawyer who has the resources and experience necessary to deal with tax law. Whether you are dealing with tax problems or…

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2024 How to Get Out of Tax Debt in Florida

It is surprisingly easy to get behind on tax payments, whether you are an individual or part of a company. If you miss one or two payments due to an unexpected drop in income and then accrue interest on those missed payments, then before too…

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What Is Tax Evasion in Florida? 2024

Paying a large sum for taxes can be frustrating, whether it is because you no longer have dependents to claim or you are bringing in more income because the higher payment could create financial strain. It is easy to be tempted to find new ways…

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2024 How to Respond to IRS Notice of Deficiency & IRS Form 5564 Waiver

When filing taxes each year, most people work very hard to ensure that they provide information and documentation that is accurate to their current circumstances because they do not want to face the consequences of an incorrect tax return. If your parents passed away during…

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