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John Landes
TaxSmith, LLC

Choosing Taxsmith has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have worked with them for the past 7 years and not once have I ever wondered what was happening with my claim. Their quality of communication and professionalism throughout this entire process has really been a blessing to my family.

Thom Larson
TaxSmith, LLC

TaxSmith has been handling my business’s taxes for many years now. They are always prompt, friendly, accurate, and professional. I highly recommend them!

Amanda F
TaxSmith, LLC

I had a great experience with TaxSmith, they did what they said they would do, and that’s help with my IRS debt. It was a long process but they kept me informed along the way. I’m total happy with the end results. I would recommend them to everyone. GREAT JOB TAXSMITH!!!

Pat Faulkner
TaxSmith, LLC

The Taxsmith team helped me tremendously and were able to bring a series of long-standing tax issues to a fair and equitable conclusion- which is something I could not have done alone. Highly recommend their expertise and great customer service!

Vernice Ivory
TaxSmith, LLC

TaxSmith has been taking care care of me and my taxes for two years now!! Love Angie and her staff! They are professional, courtesy,well informed, and patient. Highly recommend!!

Ronald Conrad
TaxSmith, LLC

The TaxSmith team hs helped me beyond words. I’ve been dealing with the IRS for years and even though it was mostly my fault, Angie and her team were able to negotiate a mutually beneficial settlement for me and now I’m on the road to financial recovery. I cant thank them enough and if I could give higher than 5 stars I would

Robert Niit
TaxSmith, LLC

I have been a LOYAL client of TAXSMITH, for years. That being said, I have always been treated with the most professional support. I live in Hawaii and they are based in Florida, they always support the time difference in phone calls, and their site is the easiest to use for myself. I have recommended, to family and friends, and I recommend them for all your tax needs, #!1A+…

Jane Pruitt
TaxSmith, LLC

I have always been pleased with TaxSmith from day one! Everyone is helpful and pleasant to talk to. They make me feel like part of the family. I really appreciate all the work they have done for me and my family for last 10 years. I would recommend them to anyone who has issues with taxes, especially with Biden in Office! Go Brandon!

Valerie Johnson
TaxSmith, LLC

Hello All
I have experience outstanding service with TaxSmith many for years they are the best. the customer service is outstanding they always respond very professional with me. I just love them they are worthy doI got your taxes and yes I would recommend my friends and family please try them out you will be very happy and satisfied Love Angie Smith she have been amazing with me.

Mandalynn Latoski
TaxSmith, LLC

Tax season this year was a breeze. I was referred to Tax Smith and the filing has never been easier. As an independent contractor and entrepreneur, I wanted the job to be done thoroughly and was satisfied. And going through a law firm to handle my taxes has minimized my worries or concerns about audits. 100% recommend for next tax season!

Ila Mae
TaxSmith, LLC

I can’t thank Angie and the others at Taxsmith for their professional manner in handling my taxes each year. They are friendly, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend any one having IRS difficulties to contact them. I’m so glad I did!

Brian Coughlin
TaxSmith, LLC

Tax Smith is a Great company to work with. They are professional and very kind. If I could rate Angie and her team a Ten I would as they were very helpful and gave me the time I need to explain things. She does not rush you off the phone and gets the job done. I took a leap of faith finding her company off an ad online, but would highly recommend her company to others with no hesitation at all.

Kenny Barrett
TaxSmith, LLC

We are so thankful that we found TaxSmith. I’m an over the road truck driver and have always thought I knew what I was doing when it came to my taxes. I didn’t even know I was doing things wrong and then the IRS audited me. They said I owed over $30,000 in back taxes! Then they put a levy on my bank account, and I had absolutely no funds at my disposal. These problems were even putting a horrible strain on my wife and marriage, and we were very afraid that our future was ruined… Through a referral, I called and spoke with a tax attorney at TaxSmith. I was actually surprised that Ms. Angie got on the line with me so quickly. Ms. Smith knew exactly what to do to help fix our tax problems. She immediately stopped a levy on my bank account and set up on a feasible payment plan to pay the taxes we owed. She helped us out so that we did not end up in the same position next year. My wife and I don’t know where we would be if it wasn’t for TaxSmith. As to the fees TaxSmith charged, it was well worth it and we even were able to make smaller monthly payments to take care of their fees as well. We would highly recommend this firm to assist anyone with overwhelming tax problems.
Thanks again,

Allison and Emily Jones
TaxSmith, LLC

We love you TaxSmith!!! My sister and I run a home daycare and we absolutely love our jobs and the independence that running our own business brings. Unfortunately, we were doing things very wrong and one day we got a letter from the IRS saying they were going to levy us. They said we owed $22,000 dollars and we did not have that type of money. I was on the verge of a total meltdown and didn’t think there was any way out. I finally decided to try and find an attorney to see if they could help us. I came across TaxSmith and called them because it seemed like they really cared about their clients- and they really do! On the very first call they transferred me to Ms. Smith. She calmed my nerves and was so knowledgeable about the tax code and what was happening to us that I knew right away we were going to be ok. Not only was Ms. Smith very professional, but the fees TaxSmith charged are so reasonable. Within no time, TaxSmith was able to work out a payment plan for us to be able to pay and catch up without shutting down our business or the need to sell our cars and other assets. TaxSmith saved our jobs and business.

Arthur Stewart
TaxSmith, LLC

I felt nothing but shame and sorrow when I was notified by the IRS that I owed over $80,000 in tax debt and my wages were going to be levied if I didn’t pay the debt immediately. I am a church leader and I am supposed to set the example with my role and actions. I was so ashamed that I had been doing things wrong that I thought the only way out was to up and leave to avoid the shame of the ordeal. I decided to see if anyone could help because I hear about these tax companies on the radio and see them on TV. I don’t really trust those “sounds too good to be true” lines that they advertise, so I dug deep to try and find an attorney that wasn’t so big that I would be just another number. That was when I found TaxSmith, and contacted them because they seemed very trustworthy. I spoke with Ms Angie who explained what needed to happen and the fees to get the job done. Not only did she immediately lift the worry from my shoulders, but the cost to fix this problem wasn’t nearly as much as I was expecting. She was able to get the levy stopped and save my wages and then arranged for me to make reasonable payments to the IRS and also to TaxSmith. God bless you TaxSmith, I am so fortunate to have found you.

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