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Orlando IRS Tax Attorney

Orlando IRS Tax Attorney

Orlando IRS Tax Lawyer

Orlando IRS Tax Attorney

Filing your taxes can be a stressful prospect, but the process is usually straightforward for most taxpayers. When you have issues with your federal taxes, it’s important to address those properly. Ignoring or avoiding the issue can create more significant consequences. If you have unfiled tax returns or significant mistakes in what is filed, you may face an audit. It’s important to have an Orlando IRS tax attorney if you need support when dealing with the IRS.

If you are audited and the IRS finds inaccurate information, you could face fines. If the IRS discovers evidence of fraud, you may face criminal charges. Having an attorney by your side can help protect your rights and prepare you for the audit process. This is true even if you believe your records and information are entirely accurate. An attorney from Tax Smith Tax Attorneys can help lower the stress of facing an audit and handle any other issues surrounding back taxes.

Tax Smith Tax Attorneys: Your Orlando Tax Attorney for IRS Issues

At Tax Smith Tax Attorneys, our team of dedicated tax attorneys have decades of collective experience in tax codes, both state and federal. We have the knowledge needed to navigate issues with the IRS, including audits, unfiled returns, and settling tax debt. Our team also knows how overwhelming tax issues have the potential to be, and we take the time to help you understand your options. If you are dealing with an audit, our team will diligently support you through the process.

Whether you are facing IRS tax issues as an individual taxpayer or as a business, Tax Smith Tax Attorneys can help. We help you approach these issues with confidence and the information you need.

When Does the IRS Conduct Audits?

The IRS conducts audits for several reasons. The choice to audit you does not necessarily mean that the agency believes you have committed fraud. The IRS conducts audits on taxpayers for the following reasons:

  1. The agency randomly selects taxpayers for audits to ensure nothing is wrong with their taxes
  2. There was an administrative error with the tax returns or other paperwork that is being reviewed
  3. Taxpayers connected to other parties who were randomly or purposefully selected for auditing, such as working with the party or doing business with them

Whether the audit being conducted on your taxes is random or for cause, it’s important to take the process seriously. Even if you have not done anything wrong or believe you did not make any mistakes, a knowledgeable attorney can stand in your corner. Ultimately, an IRS agent will be focused on the interest of their agency, while your attorney will be focused on yours.

Understanding Audits in Orlando

An audit allows an IRS agent to review Florida tax forms, documentation, and financial information to be sure it matches the information claimed on tax returns. Audits affect businesses and individuals in Orlando and throughout Florida. If the agent finds conflicting information, they may edit the tax returns. Some of the information an IRS agent may review includes:

  • Purchase receipts
  • Bills
  • Expenses information
  • Employment records and income
  • Medical information
  • Records of stolen property
  • Bank account information
  • Loans
  • Canceled checks

These and other relevant financial information may be documents that the IRS requests copies of.

What Can Happen After an Audit?

When an audit has concluded, there are three ways it may be resolved:

  1. The IRS agent finds no discrepancies in the documents, and no payment correction is needed.
  2. The agent finds a discrepancy, alters the tax return accordingly, and the taxpayer agrees with the change and the new payment amount.
  3. The agent finds a discrepancy, alters the tax return, and the taxpayer does not agree with the change to the return or the new payment.

If you are audited and you disagree with the changes made to your tax returns, you can file an appeal. There are different options for filing an appeal, and an attorney can help you decide the next steps for your particular situation.

Consequences of an Audit

If an IRS agent has determined that there is a mistake on your tax returns, this does not necessarily mean there will be significant consequences. You will have to pay the difference in taxes, but the IRS does not take formal actions when you genuinely make a mistake.

However, if the IRS agent finds evidence of tax evasion or tax fraud, you could be facing criminal charges. This can ultimately result in a federal felony conviction and severe criminal penalties.

Orlando Tax Law FAQs

Q: Can a Tax Attorney Negotiate With the IRS?

A: Yes, a tax attorney can negotiate with the IRS for you. If you cannot pay the tax debt you owe, an attorney can determine what options you have to repay or settle your tax debt. An attorney may be able to help you secure a payment plan, an offer in compromise, a penalty abatement, or other options to handle the debt. By negotiating with the IRS, you can avoid financially stressful IRS actions like wage garnishment or bank levies.

Q: Why Do People Hire Lawyers When Interacting With the IRS?

A: People hire lawyers to deal with the IRS because qualified and experienced tax attorneys can negotiate with the IRS, help individuals and businesses navigate audits, and aid in other IRS legal matters. These can be very stressful issues to handle on your own. Additionally, you are more likely to find the most financially beneficial solution to your tax debt with an attorney’s help. You may be unaware of the options you qualify to utilize, and an attorney has more experience interacting with the IRS.

Q: What Is a Tax Lawyer?

A: A tax lawyer is an attorney with experience and skills specific to state, local, and federal tax codes. Depending on the scope of an attorney’s practice, they will be licensed to provide legal tax advice, represent individuals and businesses to the IRS, guide taxpayers through audits, and help with tax preparation. Tax codes change frequently, and tax lawyers remain aware of these changes and help the taxpayers they represent remain in compliance with those laws.

Q: What Is the City Tax in Orlando, Florida?

A: The combined sales tax in the city of Orlando, Florida, is 6.5%. The sales tax in the state of Florida is six percent, and the surtax in Orange County is 0.5%. However, there are some exceptions to the state sales tax rate, such as the rental, lease, licensure of commercial property, or electricity.

Safeguarding Your Financial Interests

Experienced tax attorneys know the right steps to handle an audit or other IRS issue. Contact Tax Smith Tax Attorneys today.


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