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Orlando IRS Tactics Attorney

Orlando IRS Tactics Attorney

Orlando IRS Tactics Lawyer

Orlando IRS Tactics Attorney

When you have missed tax returns and back taxes owed to the IRS, it’s important to understand the steps the agency can take to recover those taxes. While some errors result in minor penalties, more serious offenses like tax fraud can result in criminal charges. If you have tax debt of any level, it is crucial that you do not just ignore it. This could result in wage garnishment, a bank levy, or other issues. In these cases, you need an Orlando IRS tactics attorney to provide you support.

Tax Smith Tax Attorneys: Defending You Against IRS Tactics

Tax Smith Tax Attorneys is a firm focusing solely on tax law and tax code at the local, state, and federal levels. Our team has decades of collective experience learning these laws and how they affect taxpayers. We know how to navigate issues with the IRS for both individual and business taxpayers. We apply our experience and knowledge to your unique situation to provide you with clear and compassionate legal support.

At Tax Smith Tax Attorneys, our team understands how overwhelming it can be to face IRS actions like levies, liens, and garnishment. We will review your case to find out what relief options you qualify to receive and the ideal route to settle or resolve your tax debt, ending or limiting negative IRS action.

IRS Tactics That Impact Your Finances

The tactics the IRS uses to collect taxes are implemented when taxpayers fail to take any steps to address their tax debt or are failing to respond to IRS notices and contact attempts. Some of the most common IRS tactics include:

  • Wage Garnishment. The IRS can take a portion of a taxpayer’s paycheck to recover unpaid tax debt through wage garnishment. Wage garnishment does not occur without warning when you owe taxes. The agency resorts to wage garnishment and other similar tactics when a taxpayer has ignored continuous IRS attempts to contact them and negotiate payments.Wage garnishment enables the IRS to collect what they are owed directly. A taxpayer’s employer will be contacted by the IRS, who is then required to deduct the stated percentage from the taxpayer’s paycheck. This percentage cannot exceed 25% each pay period.Wage garnishment can be especially dangerous for individuals who are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s important to take action to lower or end wage garnishment in favor of another payment plan.
  • Tax Lien. A tax lien is placed on assets and states that the property will be seized as collateral by the IRS if the taxpayer that owns the property fails to pay those taxes back in full or arrange a payment plan. Tax liens can be placed on a taxpayer’s home or any other land or property.This IRS tactic is typically used to scare a taxpayer into contacting and negotiating with the IRS. It is a more extreme tactic done when a taxpayer has repeatedly ignored other tactics or methods of communication. However, if the taxpayer takes no steps to negotiate, the IRS can recover the value of the taxes by seizing and selling the property. As long as you make an effort to work with the IRS and repay your debt, your property should not be seized.
  • Bank Levy. A bank levy freezes a taxpayer’s bank account for a period of a few weeks before the IRS takes the owed amount from the bank account. This hold period enables taxpayers to take steps to create a payment plan. It’s crucial to contact the IRS during this waiting period instead of ignoring the issue. There is also a period of time prior to the levy being placed where the taxpayer is notified. This time is also crucial and can be used to negotiate with the IRS. A bank account levy can significantly affect your daily life. If the assets the agency seizes do not satisfy the tax debt, it can levy other accounts.


Q: Can a Tax Attorney Help Me Negotiate a Payment Plan With the IRS?

A: Yes, a tax attorney can help negotiate a payment plan with the IRS. Working with a tax attorney is beneficial if you have significant tax debt that you cannot pay or are facing IRS collection tactics. An attorney can protect your rights and personal interests during this complicated process. If you have tax debt, an attorney can negotiate with the IRS for an alternate payment arrangement, such as an offer in compromise or a payment plan if you qualify.

Q: Who Can Help Me Fight the IRS?

A: A skilled tax attorney can help taxpayers with IRS problems, such as facing collection tactics or even unfair actions. A tax attorney upholds your personal and financial rights during the process and is able to give you crucial legal advice specific to your situation. Tax attorneys are especially helpful if you are contesting a claim or correction by the IRS. The IRS also has an organization to help taxpayers understand their rights and help resolve tax problems.

Q: Why Do People Retain Lawyers When Facing an IRS Issue?

A: People hire lawyers when dealing with the IRS because tax law can be incredibly complicated. Attorneys can help their clients negotiate with the IRS, avoid misrepresentation or breaches of their rights during audits, and understand their options for tax debt. A tax attorney allows taxpayers to understand their rights and obligations in Orlando and throughout Florida. It can also lessen the strain of managing these stressful situations for both individual and business taxpayers, helping them protect their assets from IRS actions.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer if I Get Audited by the IRS?

A: If you are being audited by the IRS, a lawyer can be very beneficial. They can protect your rights during the audit, preventing any potential misconduct or unfair actions by an IRS agent. Attorneys are especially helpful if an audit suggests a change to your documentation and payment that you disagree with. An attorney can help you decide what your options are and your likelihood of creating a successful appeal case.

Contact Tax Smith Tax Attorneys in Orlando

Facing IRS collection tactics can be stressful both emotionally and financially. If you are unable to pay back the full amount of your tax debt, it’s important to understand there are other options you may qualify to utilize. An IRS tax attorney can help you find the right solution. Contact Tax Smith Tax Attorneys today.


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