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2024 How to Choose the Best Tax Preparation Attorney in Jacksonville, FL?

It’s crucial to find the right professional to help you prepare and file your taxes. When you work with a qualified tax preparation attorney, you receive tax and legal advice for your individual or business tax needs. If your attorney is not qualified, you could see issues with the IRS. In addition to potential tax issues, the information you provide a tax professional is sensitive. This is why you need to ensure you choose the right Jacksonville tax attorney to prepare your taxes.

The type of tax professional you select should be relevant to your unique needs, such as if you are an individual or business and how complex your taxes are. Not everyone has the ability to prepare and complete their own taxes, and trusted professionals are incredibly helpful sources of information. Working with the wrong professional can have significant personal and even professional consequences. There are several things you should consider when selecting a tax preparation attorney:

  • CredentialsWhen reviewing multiple potential tax preparation attorneys, it is important to ensure they are legitimate financial professionals with the qualifications to represent you in your needs. This may include the qualifications to represent you to the IRS.Any person who works professionally at preparing or helping others prepare federal tax returns must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Ask for a professional’s PTIN to check their basic credentials, as this information is also available in the IRS’s directory.

    A tax attorney should also have additional credentials you can verify. A properly qualified attorney will be listed under your state’s bar association. You can also review the Better Business Bureau’s listing for the firm to determine its professional reputation.

  • ExperienceReview an attorney’s experience in legal representation and ensure the experience is relevant to your needs. If you have a tax dispute within your company, you want to find an attorney with experience in business taxes, as well as negotiating and resolving tax disputes. When you need a tax preparer for your personal or business taxes, you want to find an attorney with relevant experience. If you need your attorney to negotiate with the IRS, find a firm that has done this before.In addition to checking qualifications and education, you also want to see that they have success with the cases they handle.
  • Referrals and ReviewsTaking referrals from those you trust can help you find the right tax attorney, as can talking with past clients about the results of their cases. In tax law, particularly tax preparation, there is not always a clear win/lose outcome. However, you can get a feel for an attorney’s success by talking to past clients and looking at reviews. This can help you determine if past clients have reached a satisfactory conclusion from audit representation, IRS negotiations, or tax preparation cases.
  • Local ExperienceEnsure that your attorney works locally. Local attorneys will be familiar with the unique tax laws in your state and city. Additionally, they may have professional relations with the IRS agents you work with and other professionals who have a hand in your tax issues.
  • Representation CapabilitiesYou want to schedule an initial consultation or meeting with a tax preparation attorney. This can help you get a feel for an attorney’s responsiveness and attentiveness to each client. When you have a meeting with an attorney, you should ask many questions relating to their experience and your unique tax needs. Be sure to also discuss the fees related to your case so that you know how you will be charged for different services.

A consultation can also help ensure you feel comfortable with an attorney. It can be useful to consult with several attorneys to get a feeling for your options.


Q: Are There Differences Between a CPA and a Tax Advisor?

A: The main difference between a CPA (certified public accountant) and a tax advisor is their level of education. However, it’s important to know that a tax advisor is a term that can apply to several types of tax professionals. This includes tax accountants, CPAs, tax attorneys, and other professionals. CPAs are accountants with a degree and the certification and licensure required to be a CPA. A tax accountant or tax preparer does not have the certification and may have different educational qualifications.

Q: Can Tax Attorneys Reach Agreements or Negotiate With the IRS?

A: Yes, a tax attorney can negotiate for you with the IRS. If you are trying to settle tax debt, create a payment plan, or deal with the consequences of IRS tactics like wage garnishment or property liens, a tax attorney can help.

An attorney has significant negotiating experience, and a tax attorney will have professional relations and dealings with the IRS and the state administration. Having an attorney by your side can limit the stress you feel throughout the process and keep you informed of your options.

Q: When Do You Need a Tax Attorney Instead of a CPA?

A: You may want to enlist support from a tax attorney when you need legal help in the face of tax disputes, audits, or other legal issues. A CPA has certification in accounting and financial advice and focuses on financial and accounting preparation but does not have legal training. A tax attorney has the education and qualifications to provide legal advice and representation. In many cases, you may find benefits from working with both a CPA and a tax attorney.

Q: Why Do People Get a Lawyer to Handle the IRS?

A: Many taxpayers hire lawyers to deal with the Internal Revenue Service to better prepare for processes like an audit or to negotiate a solution to their tax debt. A tax attorney can give you the information you need before meeting with the IRS, review your unique tax debt situation to find the ideal solution, and ensure you understand your situation. An attorney can provide you advice for your individual taxes or your business taxes to help avoid future potential legal issues before they occur.

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