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Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Tax Lawyers (2024)

Tax law is often complicated and difficult for individuals to navigate. For many taxpayers, it is much easier to work with a Florida tax lawyer who has the resources and experience necessary to deal with tax law. Whether you are dealing with tax problems or could use a professional review of a tax return, a knowledgeable attorney can save you money and help you find ideal solutions. If you are worried about dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), your tax attorney can work directly with the IRS on your behalf and more effectively resolve your tax issues.

At TaxSmith, LLC, we understand complex tax issues because we have handled cases like yours for many years. We can help you file tax returns, understand tax laws, and guide you through any tax problems you have with care for your needs. Our firm can answer any questions you have about your tax issues.

FAQs About Florida Tax Lawyers

What Do I Do When I Can’t Pay the IRS?

There are several options available to taxpayers who can’t afford their tax payments or their tax debt. This can be overwhelming and incredibly stressful, especially with the fear of IRS actions like levies or asset seizure. However, it’s important to remain calm. The IRS has several options for individuals, such as online payment plans. An attorney can help you determine the ideal legal route to take care of your tax debt. Some of the main ways a taxpayer can minimize their tax debt include:

  • Payment plans or installation agreements. The IRS offers both short-term and long-term payment plans, which allow taxpayers to pay back their tax debt in increments over a period of time. This lowers a tax burden over time rather than requiring a lump sum payment that you can’t pay.
  • Offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is a way to eliminate your tax burden for less than you owe the IRS by paying a lump sum. This is offered in severe situations where you prove you cannot pay the amount owed and/or that paying it would put you in financial hardship. An offer in compromise is harder to receive approval for than a payment plan.
  • Currently not collectible. Taxpayers can request that the IRS label their tax debt as currently not-collectible. This does not eliminate tax debt but pauses the collection of it if the taxpayer proves they are not able to pay. This method also shows the IRS that you are serious about your tax responsibilities.
  • Penalty abatement. If you missed a tax payment or filing deadline but otherwise have a clear record, you could qualify for penalty abatement. The penalties for even one missed payment can add up if they are not addressed. Penalty abatement can remove the penalty and/or interest and allow the individual to pay the missed payment debt.

Can a Tax Attorney Negotiate With the IRS?

Yes, a tax attorney can negotiate with the IRS on behalf of a taxpayer. It can be intimidating to talk with the IRS about your tax debt, but ignoring the tax debt is also the wrong call. The IRS wants to work with taxpayers who are willing to negotiate. An attorney can make this easier.

When you work with an attorney, they will learn about your circumstances, tax debt, and financial situation. Because tax attorneys have years of experience working with complicated tax issues, they will know what tax solutions are available for your unique situation and what you are able to afford. An attorney will use their knowledge and understanding of your tax debt to negotiate with IRS representatives to find the most favorable solution. By working with a tax relief attorney, you can get your tax debt settled more quickly and with less stress.

Can I Negotiate With the IRS Without an Attorney?

It’s technically possible to negotiate with the IRS by yourself. It isn’t recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar with tax codes, requirements, or relief options. An attorney has negotiated with the IRS frequently and will know what relief or payment plans you will and will not be able to afford. They can work with the IRS to attempt to lower your tax debt, find a relief program, and protect your interests. An IRS representative will have resources and in-depth knowledge of tax law, and you want to be just as prepared.

What Are the Tax Laws in Florida?

Florida has no state personal income tax and a sales tax and use tax of 6%. Florida doesn’t have an inheritance tax, a state gift tax, or taxes on intangible personal property like stocks and mutual funds. The state imposes a 5.50% corporate tax. Personal property taxes are determined on the local level and vary based on the county.

How Can I Save Money on Taxes in Florida?

Because Florida doesn’t impose a personal income tax, personal property taxes are generally higher. These are imposed on a local level rather than a state level, meaning they vary significantly. Taxpayers can limit their tax liability for personal property in several ways. Homeowners can apply for a homestead exemption, which can limit the taxable value of their personal residence. Additionally, Florida offers benefits to seniors, veterans, those active in the military, and disabled property owners. These benefits can lessen the taxes these individuals owe.

What Is the Highest Salary for a Tax Lawyer?

The average salary for a tax lawyer in Florida is $89,229, and it could be up to $200,000 a year or more. The fees that an attorney charges rely on several factors, such as their level of education, their years of experience, the focus of their area of law, and their location. A more experienced attorney will charge more. An attorney’s fees also rely on the unique case and their fee structure. A more complex case will likely cost more. You always want to discuss fees and fee structures with an attorney prior to working with them. This helps ensure you can afford their services until your tax debt or tax problem is solved.

Work With Experienced Attorneys at TaxSmith, LLC

When you are facing tax issues, you need an honest professional who can help you understand your options. At TaxSmith, LLC, our team works hard to understand the situation you’re facing and help you make knowledgeable decisions for your tax debt and relief. Contact our team today for our assistance and legal support.



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