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When to Hire a Tax Attorney in Florida? 2024

When you’re dealing with state or federal tax problems, a tax attorney can provide guidance for your specific circumstances. An attorney can help you file taxes, follow regulations, and deal with more serious issues like tax penalties and criminal charges from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). When you want to reach the most beneficial outcome concerning your taxes, you want to work with an attorney.

Taxes are stressful and confusing for many people. A tax attorney can negotiate with federal and state tax agencies on your behalf and help you understand tax law in a straightforward way. Whether you are paying taxes as an individual or a business, there are several reasons you may want to work with a tax attorney.

Reasons You May Want to Hire a Tax Attorney

An attorney is useful even if you are confused about a tax notice or while filing taxes. Their advice can be invaluable and help you approach the process with more confidence. For more significant issues, it is essential to work with a tax professional. Although you’re able to represent yourself to the IRS, this is often not ideal. An attorney is better equipped to negotiate for your interests and advocate for a better outcome to a serious tax issue. There are several situations where it is in your interest to work with an attorney.

    • Tax Audits
      Tax audits are incredibly stressful for many taxpayers. An audit notice from the IRS requires different documentation, depending on the type of audit. Some audits are more complex than others, and if you don’t understand the notice, it’s better to work with an attorney to be sure everything is covered.Your attorney can communicate with the IRS for you and represent you if there is an in-person audit. If the situation requires it, they can negotiate a settlement with the IRS. While an audit may be a completely new and terrifying experience for you, it is a common thing that tax attorneys deal with. They have the knowledge and skills to look out for your interests.

      • A Major Life Change
        Many life changes carry tax implications that taxpayers are unprepared for. This includes marriage, getting a professional degree, having children, being promoted, buying a home, the death of a loved one, and receiving an inheritance. These tax implications may be simple or complex. Working with a tax attorney can help you deal with the consequences and benefits of these life changes. If the life change is expected, work with an attorney before your taxes are impacted. They can help you plan for the change and save you money.
      • Estate Planning
        If you are setting up your will and trust, a tax attorney can help you do so carefully. Estate taxes, income taxes, and even gift taxes can impact your loved ones when they inherit assets from you. To protect your loved ones, and minimize the negative tax consequences, you want to work with a tax attorney.
      • Starting, Expanding, or Selling a Business
        If you are planning to start a business, a tax attorney is an invaluable asset. An attorney can help you limit liability and plan for an effective business. Changes in a business, such as an expansion or a sale, also have significant tax implications that need to be considered carefully. A tax attorney can help you make the ideal choices.
      • Tax Debt and Relief
        If you owe back taxes to state or federal tax agencies, it’s in your interest to work with a tax attorney. Although many people worry about the cost of hiring an attorney when they have tax debt, an attorney is essential to lowering your tax debt and negotiating with the IRS. With an attorney’s help, you’re more likely to be approved for debt relief like an Offer in Compromise or a payment installment plan.
      • Tax Litigation and Criminal Charges
        It’s imperative that you discuss your situation with a tax attorney if you are dealing with the IRS in court and civil or criminal charges are being pressed against you. Not only is an attorney better equipped to represent you and your rights in court against IRS attorneys, but they also have intricate knowledge of tax codes and laws.

FAQs About When to Hire a Tax Attorney in Florida

How Much Will the IRS Usually Settle For?

If a taxpayer applies and qualifies for an Offer in Compromise, they can settle their overall debt for less. The IRS will often settle for what you can reasonably pay based on your assets, income, and expenses. If the IRS rejects your offer, you can appeal. Both applications and appeals have a low approval rate. You can improve your chances of success by working with a tax attorney.

What Happens If I Owe the IRS and Can’t Pay?

The IRS offers several options for those who are unable to pay their taxes. This includes negotiating for a monthly installment payment plan, an Offer in Compromise to settle the debt for less, or a delay in the collection of taxes by marking a taxpayer’s account as Currently Not Collectible. Requesting these may be easier with the representation of an experienced tax attorney, who can work to find the most forgiving solution for your circumstances.

Is There a One-Time Tax Forgiveness?

If you have filed tax returns previously, and missed one unexpectedly, you may be approved for a first-time abatement waiver. This waiver does not apply to those who have consistently been late on filing taxes or still have debt and penalties. You may qualify for a penalty abatement for several reasons, in addition to a first-time waiver, such as:

      • You experienced a sudden incapacitation or illness.
      • You lost a loved one.
      • You received incorrect information from the IRS.
      • You suffered an unavoidable absence.
      • A tax professional provided you with inaccurate advice.

What Is the Ideal Way to Negotiate With the IRS?

The ideal way to negotiate with the IRS is to work with an experienced tax attorney. Not only can they deal with all communication with the IRS on your behalf, but they can also provide you with all the necessary information to allow you to make the most informed decision. There are several tax solutions you may qualify for if you are dealing with federal tax debt. An attorney can help you determine your eligibility and file accordingly.

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